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Our Second Home With Callaway Homes

I have built my first house with Callaway Homes and 8 years later we have decided to build again.

While looking around the display village at Spring Mountain we found Callaway’s display home and connected again with Peter.

As the first time, Peter was very helpful with our choices and thoughts for the new house. We had something in mind and he presented us with a better idea and plan, minor things we did not like about the plan offered was changed without any issues.

Callaway also improved the choices of inclusions from our first home which was already good ones. We had access to the house through building process and dealing with Albert also made our experience smooth from beginning to completion.

The outcome was as we expected  and any issues was resolved almost immediately.

Our new home looks great and has everything we hoped for. I am glad we decided to build again with Callaway Homes & would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a builder offering high quality,  full turn key inclusions.

Aline & Sandro
21st November 2019 - Spring Mountain

Highly Recommend Callaway Homes

My wife and I cannot begin to say how happy we are with our experience with Callaway Homes. Peter was amazing and went out of his way to assist us through the whole  building process. We never felt forced or pressured into making decisions, but were encouraged to make decisions about our home that we would enjoy.

There have been many occasions where Peter from Callaway Homes  have put in extra time to ensure that my wife and I were satisfied with the service we were receiving, but this was already evident due to the hard work that was being put into our home.

After much consideration we decided to build the ELK 180 design and we are really happy with our choice.

We have made several changes through the process and Mario the owner has patiently worked through all our concerns.  Albert that managed our project on site was flexible in scheduling on-site meetings and kept us informed throughout the project. He was very responsive when contacted for questions or concerns with our new home. He resolved many of the issues very quickly. He was a knowledgeable project manager and managed the subcontractors very well. Everything was finished on time and to the best standard.

The Callaway Homes staff has gone above and beyond with giving guidance, answering questions, and just making the building process stress free and exciting. I would highly recommend Callaway  Homes  to anyone looking to build a new home. You will be 100% satisfied with your decision!

Most grateful,

Robert & Monika
12th November - Spring Mountain

Callaway Homes, A Genuine and Reliable Builder!!

We always dreamed of BUYING our first home but never wanted to BUILD one, as 95% of stories we’ve heard, including from our very close friends were not of what we wanted to hear. Building is more often packaged with stress and frustration and some may even call it their worst nightmare. But with Peter and Callaway homes it’s completely the opposite. The whole process from the beginning to the end was a stress free, well assured and overall a pleasant experience to us.


Peter was a better representation of a confident and professional sales person who knows what he does and also understands his client’s needs and provide with the best possible result you could sometimes barely expect. When we met Peter, the first discussion wouldn’t have even lasted 30 minutes but the whole perspective of building changed from BUYING an already built house to BUILDING A BRAND-NEW HOME. Cathy and I went home that day with confidence and assurance that we will have our home built with a genuine group of people.


Our initial finance limit could only offer a 3 bed room house but the attraction towards the display home with 4 bed rooms was still immense, though unspoken, Peter knew it. He then introduced us to a Finance broker to get a second opinion and with them we managed to increase our loan by $20k and that was the maximum we could go for. With that in hand we spoke to Peter and he agreed to have the same 4 bed room house built for us too. Furthermore, Peter then reserved us one of the best locations in Spring Mountain, just 150 meters away from the new Spring Mountain Primary School. Ideal location for our little kindergartner when he starts school in near future.


The entire Callaway building process was very clear and transparent. They also offer a range of genuine and quality products in their Standard Inclusions list. So, we knew exactly what we were getting from the start and everything we wanted from Bamboo flooring down to a microwave were included without compromise, for just ONE FIXED PRICE. So, we had peace of mind throughout the building process, knowing that we will not have to pay an extra cent.


When the construction started, we saw how smooth it was and quick too. There was almost nothing we could pin point at any stage of the construction. Once we wanted to make a little change to the alfresco area after it was almost completed and we communicated that to Callaway and they agreed to make the changes as we requested FREE OF CHARGE. What we also loved about Callaway construction process was that, we were not restricted to visit the construction site throughout the construction period. In fact, during the lockup stage I requested a construction key to enter the house and Callaway staff very obliging provided one without any hesitation. This shows that Callaway Homes trusts their clients and maintain their transparency of their genuine work.

Due to an unavoidable delay in completing the construction we were also offered two weeks of rent payments by Callaway Homes. Mario, the owner of the company was available to talk and clarify things we unsure of, irrespective of their standard working hours. So, dealing with Callaway staff has always been very easy.

Finally, we had our dream home built with Callaway Homes which indeed exceeded our expectation, in terms of both quality and appearance.  We are glad that we built our first home with Peter and Callaway Homes and also highly recommend them to anyone looking to build their homes in QLD.

Our special thanks and gratitude go to Peter, Mario, Mark and Devan and all the Callaway homes staff for providing us a genuine, professional and a friendly service and surely being a part of our ‘first home dream come true’.

Austin and Cathy
8th August 2019 - Spring Mountain

Great Value For Money Builder

When we first reached out to Peter and the team when we were both first home buyers with no idea what was involved in building or buying a new home or what the process was if we decided to proceed.

Peter was friendly and informative and very straight forward in explaining the whole process and made the whole process a breeze. We ended up with a home that we were proud of and that most people couldn’t believe we had gotten for our first house.

The whole process was made very easy, from getting upfront fixed price inclusions which put our mind at ease as there would be no hidden extras once we paid our deposit, to amending their original floorplan to suit our requirements.  There was a wide variety of colours to choose from at the colour selection and the Callaway Homes list of standard inclusions was an upgrade with other  builders we had researched.

We really like the master planned community of Yarrabilba

I tell everyone that’s interested in building a house to go and see Peter and to build through Callaway Homes, If you want good customer service and value for money from your build. If I ever build a second home I will be going straight back to them again.

Michael K
30th May 2019

Callaway Homes Built On Time And On Budget

We recently built with Callaway Homes and the outcome was fantastic. Peter  was professional and friendly throughout the planning stages without pressure; something we greatly appreciated.

The tradespeople were great to deal with and explained to us each step of the build process. The entire project came in on budget and the quality is spot on.

We would not hesitate to engage Callaway Homes again on our next build and highly recommend them to anyone looking to build their home or investment property.

5 stars.

Chris T
28th March 2019 - Augustine Heights

Building Our First Home

As a first home buyer, I must admit I wasn’t sure what to expect when building our first home.

After doing some extensive research on a few different builders we decided to proceed with Callaway Homes.

What attracted us to Callaway Homes was that they offered ( Full Turn Key Inclusions ) without using any allowances which put our mind at easy knowing that the price we got quoted would not increase.

We also liked the fact that they were able to provide us with a building quote and building contrat without taking any deposit payment.

Working with Callaway homes was effortless, and we are very impressed with the whole process from start to finish and most of all the finished product we have received.

The whole building process was very quick and we are extremely happy with the quality of the inclusions and fit-outs.

We were also able to modify the floorplan to suit our needs and best of all it was free of charge.

I will recommend Callaway homes to anyone building their first home.

I will build with them again in the future.

Special thanks go out to Peter Zamojski, Mark Zaghini, Albert Zaghini and Mario Zaghini for timely communication and adjusting to all our needs and variations. You guys do a good job, keep it up and thanks again”.

Shankey J
10th February 2019 - Spring Mountain

Well, what can i say! Peter & the Callaway homes team was awesome to build with.

Well, what can i say! Peter & the Callaway homes team was awesome to build with.


Being a young couple that didn’t know what they were looking for or what their budget was or when they wanted to purchase their first home by – Peter made it all so easy and enjoyable. From them moment we first saw the house design we liked online and called Peter it was a Sunday and he was more than happy to help out and give us his time even though he wasn’t at work at the time. He met us straight away at a house that was currently being built and was able to show us in person the exact design we wanted. When we met with Peter he left a very very good impression and we both went home and said to each other “this is who we have been looking for”. Peter understood that we didn’t quite know when we could start building or how big our budget was being new first home owners but he was so accomodating, understanding and helpful – from the start.


Once everything went through for our new home – Peter was very good at organising times to meet up when it suited both of us and not just him and was always so organised. He also always took the time to listen to us and answer any silly questions that we had. He didn’t rush through the process, he got to know us as people and took a bit of interest in our lives rather then just being a “sales man”. Peter was amazing and should be recognised for his hard work and great customer service skills.


Buying a new home was such a scary thing but with Peter and Callaway homes it was just a breeze. We really didn’t have any hiccups along the way, and everything went to plan as told by Peter and the Callaway team. Peter has been the most honest, relaxed, flexible and trustworthy person that was apart of this experience and that is what made it so enjoyable for us to build our first home. If we ever build again or know anyone in the market we will definitely be sending them Peter’s way.


Our brand new home is beautiful and has exceeded all of our expectations of what it was going to be. We are both so grateful for everything Peter and Callaway homes team did for us and very happy to be in our brand new home right before Christmas.


Thank you Peter and Callaway Homes!





Megan & Nathan
14th December 2018 - Springfield Rise

My Home Is Beyond My Expectation!

My home is beyond my expectation….! I have lived here for 5 months so far and still feel very good and still excited, Thanks Callaway

Peter is very good presenter. He exactly knows what you want and your concerns…and he will come up with invaluable ideas which makes Callaway different to any other Builder Companies.  Mario knows his job very well . He builds home like he is doing it for himself. He cares about every single thing throughout the building process.

Callaway subcontractors very professional at their jobs. Tiling, Painting, etc all perfect.

Also, thanks Callaway to allow me to access my home when it was under construction. It helped me a lot to monitor the process and come up with nice ideas and decreased my stress

If I want to score Callaway, I give them 8 out of 10 which is a very good score

The lost 2 points because

– As a First Home Owner with no experience and being new to Australia  I didn’t know much about Retaining Walls  Clean Fill. I got a bit of Stress when I was going around to find Clean Fill  and organizing transportation. But finally I got it done in the time limit.

– Another lost point is because my Driveway colour slightly different to what was in my mind. This happened during miscommunication. Not a big deal for me. I am happy with the colour.


Utilising technology for documentation  in the office can help both customer and Builder to communicate smoothly with less chance of missing anything.

Advising and giving ideas to people who want upgrade something. Specially for people like me new to Australia and with English as the second language it is stressful and confusing. Sometimes a simple suggestion or sharing ideas can help a lot.

I recommend Callaway.



27th November 2018 - Springfield Rise

How Happy We Are With Callaway Homes

My wife and I cannot begin to say how happy we are with our experience with Callaway Homes. Peter was amazing and went out of his way to assist us from start to finish.

We never felt forced or pressured into making decisions, but were encouraged to make decisions about our home that we would enjoy.

There have been in many occasions where Peter and Callaway Homes Staff (including the owner himself – Mario Zaghini) have put in extra time to ensure that we were satisfied with the service we were receiving, but this was already evident due to the hard work that was being put into our home.

Everyone in Callaway Homes have gone above and beyond with giving guidance, answering questions and made the building process stress free and exciting especially for us being first home buyers here in australia. We didn’t have to worry about anything.

Everything was built and ready – Landscaping, blinds, screens, driveway and fence were all included in a very reasonable price.

I highly recommend Callaway homes!


Ting Family
21st November 2018 - Park Ridge

“Our First Home at Spring Mountain”

For us it has been our first experience building a house and sincerely we were very nervous and fearful, due to previous experiences reported by family and friends. It was a tough process at the beginning when we started visiting many builders, but then we met Peter from Callaway Homes and everything changed immediately.

For us, the most important thing was not to build a house, but to create our own place, where both we, our family and friends felt the home spirit, therefore, it was very important for us to find someone, who would allow us to discuss our ideas, design , expectations, etc. and help us with their knowledge and experiences, to carry out the relevant actions, to achieve our objectives.

The house design we chose to build was the Cypress 253

This is precisely what Peter and the entire Callaway Homes team did for us. Something very important during this process was that Callaway team allowed us to always have access to our property and that allowed us to review each stage of the construction, but also the opportunity to create new ideas in which we could incorporate them without affecting the process or wait until the final and try to implement them. And this is something that many other builders do not allow their clients.

Peter was, is and has been the most trustworthy, honest and flexible person that has contributed to this process of building becoming a very pleasant experience and we are sure that if the opportunity arises to build again, Peter will be the First person we will contact.


William & Victoria
9th November 2018 - Spring Mountain

Custom Design House Building Project

We were pretty sceptical when we started this “house building” project. We have to tell you though, it’s been a real pleasure having  Peter there to help us from the ground up.

You treated us with courtesy and respect and were always there when we had questions and concerns. Really appreciate all the hard work you put into making our home come together so smoothly and on time–WE LOVE IT. thank you Peter.

We are so happy and pleased with our new home and the experiences we had working with the whole team at  Callaway Homes. The house is wonderful, and its construction and finishing went very smoothly. Mario obviously takes pride in every home he builds and is very focused on customer satisfaction.

He was extremely responsive to our concerns while the house was being built, and he continues to help resolve the few issues we have left after the handover.

Mario represents company very well. Working with the office staff was also a very pleasurable experience. Again, they were extremely responsive to our needs throughout the building process and worked diligently with us to get the house completed on time and to our specifications.

We look forward to many years of happiness in our new home. I don’t know if we’ll ever build  another home in this area, but if we do, if will surely be with Callaway Homes.


Thanks again for your help.




Priya & Family
1st November 2018

Our New Home In Eden’s Crossing

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you and everyone at Callaway for our beautiful home.

The whole process was effortless and I am truly grateful for all the expert advice Callaway had given us.  You had gone out of your way to give us exactly what we wanted (and advised us against bad decisions).

I will certainly be recommending Callaway to my friends and family.

Thank you once again.  You have gone above and beyond my expectations.

Yours sincerely,


Juanita Osborne
26th October 2018 - Eden's Crossing

Excellent Build Quality

The quality of the build was excellent. I would like to acknowledge Peter who was a sales consultant from Callaway Homes and was very helpful and nothing was too much trouble.

All my questions were answered. This was my first ever build so I went into the process with a large number of unknowns. We liked the fact Callaway Homes offered us a true & fixed price house with full turn key inclusions.

The process was clearly explained to us and it was a pleasure to observe the build as it developed. I was able to visit and see the house as it was constructed.

The workmanship was of exceptional quality and definitely fulfilled all my expectations. Building a house for me was an easy process. I put this down to the exceptional team at Callaway Homes.

They were perfect and I couldn’t recommend a better builder.



Narinder S
18th September 2018 - Spring Mountain

Our Build Through Callaway Homes

We recently completed our build through Callaway Homes and found them to be very efficient while retaining a quality build with great communication. Initially we engaged with Peter Zamojski as their sales consultant and was excellent not only in product knowledge but was able to guide us through what the whole process would entail with building our home.

As first time home owners, I cannot express just how important this was. Through out the build process, Mark Zaghini became our point of contact and he was fantastic with regular communication and updates regarding where our build was at.

Mark always made time to answer any additional questions that we had no matter how trivial they may have been. Between Peter and Mark, they both made the process of building our home a surprisingly streamlined and stress free process.

We have now been in our new home for 3 months and could not be happier with the results. The quality of our home is wonderful with everything just perfect down to the last detail. It is true what people had said to us regarding Mario and Callaway Homes, he builds homes like they are his own and our home is proof of that.




John and Beverly Spencer
27th August 2018 - Spring Mountain

Our Experience Building Our Dream Home

We always asked ourselves, when we are going to have our own house? because renting is a headache, until a friend of mine started talking about Callaway Homes and she gave us the phone number of Peter Zamojski our dream began.

Peter, the Sales Manager of Callaway Homes helped us from the beginning until the end. He always explained in detail the important things that you should know when you are building a house ( how long you are planning to live in the house?,

Is for investment or family home?, areas, options etc).

He was clear in every single stage and offered us a good quality materials and accessories such as, fans, lighting, water taps, & a Fixed Price Building Contract etc.

A part from him, the rest of the staff working at Callaway Homes are fantastic, enthusiastic and helpful all the time.

We ended up building the Cambridge 173 design & we just love every aspect of the house.

For that reason we will recommend Callaway Homes to be part of this long and stressful process to everyone as you don’t need to worry about anything, they will do all and you will be safe and comfortable with them building your dream.


Juan and Pilar

Juan and Pilar - Spring Mountain
23rd August 2018

Sailen K

“Before I committed to building with Callaway homes, we had met with several other building companies but never felt that confidence as we had with Peter just based on our first conversation.

During the course, we found Peter very helpful, knowledgeable and reachable at all times.

And as promised, Peter and Mario from Callaway homes delivered the property within the timeframe without any hassle or any hidden cost.

I would like to thank Peter for such a smooth journey and making it stress free and I highly recommend him and Callaway Homes to anyone who is looking to build a new home.”

Sailen K - Sydney
22th August 2018

Kuldeep and Jass

It was a great pleasure working with Peter and Mario at Callaway Homes.

We looked around for few builders before we signed up for them. What I liked most about them was the flexibility.

We were able to pick and change a lot of things, within reason and they were quite accommodating. The building process was quite smooth, with great communication and feedback.

They wouldn’t hesitate to challenge our decisions if they think it’s not the right choice for the house. we enjoying every aspect of our house . We really say thanks to all Callaway Homes team .



Kuldeep and Jass
30th July 2018

Wilson E

Full turn key inclusions without hidden costs and a competitive price were our main concern when we started looking for a builder.

We found Callaway Homes through referral from our friends and we were really impressed on how they addressed our needs.

We were also able to customise the layout to how we want it.

During the construction stage, they have professionally handled our concerns and the all issues have been taken care of. We were able to make minor adjustments and they too made suggestions to make the house even more functional. They even allowed us to do site visits and given us the key to see the progress every week.

The quality of the build is exceptional and have exceeded our expectations.

I highly recommend Peter and the whole team from Callaway Homes to anyone wishing to build a new home.

Wilson E
19th July 2018

Peter & Heejin

Me and my partner knew very little about buying and building a house. As first home buyers, we didn’t know what to expect in the beginning and it made us feel very much unprepared.

Once we met Peter from Callaway Homes at one of the display homes, we knew we are in good hands. All our questions got answered throughout the process and everything was explained to us in the best possible way. Peter’s guidance made this an absolutely hassle free experience. When the house was completed, Mario made sure that everything is perfect before we move in.

The house looks fantastic and we are very proud to own a house like ours.

A huge thanks to Peter, Mario, Mark and the entire team at Callaway Homes for building our first home! I look forward to working with you guys again and I strongly recommend Callaway Homes to any buyer!

Peter & Heejin
4th July 2018

Jade Bagnall

My partner and I have recently purchased and built our first joint home with Peter and the Callaway homes team.  This was a daunting process initially as we had looked through multiple display homes and found the experience overwhelming with the lack of information and detail we were provided.  This all changed when we met with Peter for the first time.

He was able to clearly articulate any questions or concerns that we had by removing the real estate jargon and providing adequate answers to any questions that we had.  We both found Peter to be genuine and honest in each encounter that we had with him which helped put any reservations that we had about buying our home.

During the build we were able to work with the Callaway team to amend any minor build issues including altering the design of the house which resulted in an extremely satisfying result for us as we love what we have created with the team.

Throughout the process we were thoroughly impressed with the service that Peter provided and as a result we found the overall experience to be pain free when compared to stories we heard from work colleagues going through the build process with other companies.  On the back of great experience we would definitely utilise the team for any builds we make in the future.

Florina & Thasa, Sydney

It was a great pleasure working with Peter and Mario at Callaway Homes. We looked around for few builders before we signed up for them. What I liked most about them was the flexibility. We were able to pick and change a lot of things, within reason and they were quite accommodating. The building process was quite smooth, with great communication and feedback. They wouldn’t hesitate to challenge our decisions if they think it’s not the right choice for the house. Year has gone past and we enjoying every aspect of our house and wouldn’t have it any other way. I would certainly build again and do that with Peter and Mario.

Florina & Thasa, Sydney
2nd October 2017


Our home Callaway Homes has built has been completed beyond expectations, we love it. We are very pleased with the outcome, we went to see the house yesterday with David (property manager) who Peter suggested. On our initial meeting with you, then Mark picking our colour scheme, every step has been very professional and also personal, as you have made us feel an important part of your business which has showed through the final product.

Thank you Peter and the team for a job well done.

Kind regards

14th September 2017


Responding to an ad for a 4 bedroom 2B 2G home in Redbank Plains on Real Estate.com almost 2 years ago I met Peter from Callaway Homes.

Despite having a few other investment properties this was my 1st venture into a new build so I was quite inexperienced and a little apprehensive. Being located in Victoria, establishing a relationship over such a long distance is quite difficult, but was really no issue with Peter who is very proactive and responsive when required.

I am pleased to say Peter and Callaway homes passed every test I could apply to them. Peter was only too happy to host me one Saturday morning when visiting the estate and others in the area as part of my education. I also brought with me a very experienced and somewhat cynical local industry expert. Even he was impressed with Peter and the quality, inclusions and price. I proceed to sign the contracts with only a few cosmetic personal changes required to the plans.

The building time was in line with estimates and any minor issues post building were corrected quickly by Mark from the Callaway head office at no expense to me. Importantly there was no suprises extra’s I had to pay for.

The house looks great and I had a great quality tenant in place the week of completion paying me $380 a week. Importantly this was the amount Peter told me I would get. I also belive the house already has increased in price by $20k – $30k as Peter also predicted.

As such I had little hesitation in buying a 2nd property through Peter and we are about to start on a similar house in Yarrabilba. The price again seems quite fair and I have shared plans with a local agent who described it as a quality product.

I have no hesitation recommending these guys to anyone looking to build a quality turn key home with a smaller but more personal builder.


27th October 2016

R Weiss

I build with Peter four investment houses.

I knew from the first day I met Peter Zamojski from Callaway Homes I could expect a good experience. Peter has been professional, knowledgeable and helpful with every aspect of planning and building me new homes. He never pressured to accept a product or concept, he was willing to find best outcome to customize my need to all my properties.

I was impressed with the quality, craftsmanship and professionalism of the tradesmen and their work. I’m extremely pleased and satisfied with quality of Callaway Homes.

Every interaction, start to finish, was a positive experience.

This was positive experience to work with Peter.

R Weiss
12th March 2015

U Thomas

After relocating from Central Queensland in October, 2013, my first aim was to build a house in Springfield Lakes as this was an area with plenty of infrastructure and most importantly, it was close to family. I did not regard this as a daunting problem, but after checking out many builders, it soon became obvious to me that it was.

Finally my daughter was enlisted to assist me and it was while checking out real estate online that my daughter found Peter Zamojski of Callaway Homes.

I cannot speak highly enough of Peter as he helped me immediately to achieve what I wanted. Peter has integrity and what impressed me most of all was his reliability and the

fact he has a straight forward approach. He told me the truth right from the start. Peter showed me the work of Callaway Homes and soon after I knew this was a quality building company. I do not have great knowledge of the building industry but I am no fool when it comes to quality. I had been shown houses by previous real estate agents and Callaway Homes are head and shoulders above the rest.

Peter took care of all the details for me and I signed the building contract. What a great combination as Peter and Callaway Homes are a winning team.

Callaway Homes believe in high quality service and high quality homes. At no time during the contract did I have problems with them. Family and friends were amazed by my trouble – free “build”. They kept telling me I was lucky to have found Callaway Homes. I recommend that you FIND Callaway Homes and Peter Zamojski for a stress free “build” also.

U Thomas
29th January, 2015

Kerrie and Graham Meech

Our home Callaway Homes has built has been completed beyond expectations, we love it. We are very pleased with the outcome, we went to see the house yesterday with David (property manager) who Peter suggested. On our initial meeting with you, then Mark picking our colour scheme, every step has been very professional and also personal, as you have made us feel an important part of your business which has showed through the final product.

Thank you Peter and the team for a job well done.

Kind regards

Kerrie and Graham Meech
8th March 2017

P. Patole

Callaway Homes Rock!!! Quality, design, style, affordability, time management, commitment, trust and service. Callaway Homes have ticked all the boxes for me. They have not only helped me to build a dream house but also provided me the best investment option. I cannot thank my friend enough for recommending me to Peter Zamojski from Callaway Homes

All the best Peter!!!

P. Patrole
30th Janurary 2015