Our Experience Building Our Dream Home

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We always asked ourselves, when we are going to have our own house? because renting is a headache, until a friend of mine started talking about Callaway Homes and she gave us the phone number of Peter Zamojski our dream began.

Peter, the Sales Manager of Callaway Homes helped us from the beginning until the end. He always explained in detail the important things that you should know when you are building a house ( how long you are planning to live in the house?,

Is for investment or family home?, areas, options etc).

He was clear in every single stage and offered us a good quality materials and accessories such as, fans, lighting, water taps, & a Fixed Price Building Contract etc.

A part from him, the rest of the staff working at Callaway Homes are fantastic, enthusiastic and helpful all the time.

For that reason we will recommend Callaway Homes to be part of this long and stressful process to everyone as you don’t need to worry about anything, they will do all and you will be safe and comfortable with them building your dream.


Juan and Pilar